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Brook House Consulting Mids Ltd (BHC)

Terms and Conditions of Agreement

  1. In order for BHC to undertake work, written confirmation must be provided either in the form of a letter or an email indicating the work to be undertaken and that the terms and conditions of the contract are understood and accepted.

  2. All invoices to be paid within 28 days. Failure to comply with this will seriously jeopardise any further work being carried out before payment is received.

  3. Late payment for invoices are subject to a 5% charge on both the fees and VAT of the invoice.

  4. Any queries regarding invoices, should be made within 14 days of the date on the invoice.

  5. Any work undertaken by BHC remains the ownership of the Company until it is paid for.

  6. Hourly charge out rates for the BHC team is £65.00.

These rates will be applied to any work undertaken unless stated otherwise in writing by the company. Charge out rates are reviewed annually. Notification will be provided for any future increases.

  1. Payment for invoices should be either by cheque, made payable to Brook House Consulting, or by electronic transfer. BHC’s bank details can be provided upon request if paying electronically.

  2. Any additional expenses, such as OS Plans, Appeal Cases and external photocopying, will be charged at cost value to the client.

  3. Travelling expenses will be charged at 55 pence per mile or part mile.

  4. The copyright of any plans, drawings, reports or other documents provided by BHC to the client are vested in BHC.

  5. Where BHC are retained to submit and secure building regulations plans approval. BHC do not accept claims or liability from any issues arising after building regulations plans approval. It is the clients responsibility to comply with the building control officers requirements. BHC do not monitor or supervise site works and therefore can't reasonably accept related liabilities or issue warranties.

  6. BHC reserve the right to terminate an agreement without any prior notice. This course of action will only be taken in extreme instances, such as repeat non-payment or late payment of invoices.

  7. BHC head office is located at 72 Boston Road Leicester LE7 4YB. All correspondence should be sent to this address unless otherwise indicated. Brook House Consulting (mids) Ltd is a VAT registered company in England and Wales reg number 283461295.