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11 March

Planning network resource (PNR) goes Live. This is a new collective of planning specialists working together to supply exemplary service and pool marketing efforts. Expect to see BHC at your next property fair/development show.  

21 January

Consent secured for 9 plots in Syston, Leicester, refer to high density section for plans. 54 to the acre! 9 dwellings on 0.165 acres. All fit for purpose desirable units with strong user demand. A major coup for our client Elmslodge Consruction. 

1 December

Consent granted for 13 plots in Hinckley and Bosworth, in terms of delivering planning in an unusual context this has to be the result of the year.

23 November

Did some searching around Charnwoods Planning Portal. BHC records since 2012 is 42 apps 1 pending appeal, one withdrawn (2* listed) and 40 Approvals.

11 September.

Major piece published in trade publication Future build and article on estate design.

5 August

Planning Consent secured for apartment scheme at Wellington Street, Syston, Leicster.

1 June

Consent secured for 80 dwellings in the village of Floor. Working in conjunction with Landmark planning, planning granted at commitee at the first time of asking. 

1 March

BHC continue to grow and expand industry links. In association with landmark planning of leicester we are happy to have been involved in larger scale housing schemes.

27 September

We are partners and instigators in the set up of an enabling body for the emerging "community right to build". We are proud to be part of the team of house building professionals and financial specialists assembled to assist rural communities in building new homes and local services. 

We will assist in site selection, site design, financial advice, technical assistance and help to secure all relevant approvals and warranties along the way. .

This is a very exciting prospect. Check the link below for more details.

right to


14 September 2010

The local press have run a piece on  garden infill activity.

link to article

We hope to go some way to correct a popular misconception that we can't do this sort of development anymore.